Promenade : 3.8.2022
"For some, such as René Nesbit, this round of A.M. Collaborative is in fact a return. Nesbit – an Atlanta-based poet, thinker and choreographer since 2016 – participated in the previous 2020-2021 session... She was thrilled to re-apply...
What arose is a stunning tableau centering around compassion, community, resistance and other human responses to hardship. In January, this vivid investigation took the form of a lively trio in which each character’s dynamic was identifiable as unique. The dancers donned colorful dresses with asymmetrical hems – the flow of fabric further articulating every arabesque. They performed their respective sensibilities with grace and lyricism imbued with utmost technique. Meanwhile, the swelling of violins was supplemented by speech, resulting in a score that is nothing short of cinematic." 

Into the Proscenium : 10.5.2021

"In addition to their piece of repertoire, “River,” Cherish Dance also premiered a new work at the event. “Joyful” was a festive, energetic work filled with powerful, lyrically driven crescendos. Grimacing, a tight gripping of the chest, and weighted floorwork gave the impression of an internal struggle to rediscover joy in one’s life. Towards the end of the work, the contemporary choreography was briefly infused with a few tap elements, as Nesbit scuffed one foot through and crossed the other foot behind to tap the top of her toes with playful, loose ankles."