Please meet our wonderful board of directors :

Jordan Gonzalez, President 

Jordan is a singer, songwriter, teacher, painter, actor, and producer.
She is a graduate of Belmont University, with her Bachelor of Fine Arts 
degree in Musical Theater. Jordan is also passionate about the non-profit arts community 
and spent many years as part of The Young Singers of the Palm Beaches. This youth choir 
grew from 30 singers to 300 and is currently celebrating its 20th Anniversary. 
She is also the founder of Arts First Creative Studios and shares her love of voice, acting 
and visual art with students of all ages while continuing to perform and create. Jordan is thrilled 
to bring her passion and experience to Cherish Dance as this organization grows 
and impacts the community. 

Charmaine Flake, Vice President

Charmaine Flake is a musician, accompanist, teacher, director, and producer.
She is a graduate of Midwestern State University, with her Bachelor of Fine Arts 
degree in Music. Music is her first love, and she enjoys using her skills to participate 
in different ensembles and educate young students on their piano learning journeys. 
Charmaine is the project manager for The Grand Ol' Production Company, 
of which her husband Dalton is a lead performer and creative producer. 
She is also the proud homeschooling mother of two brilliant boys, 
Lochland and Josiah. Charmaine brings to Cherish her love of all things arts, 
and especially her passion for combining and collaborating among the different genres. 

Katelyn Roth, Treasurer

Katelyn is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and accountant. 
She is a graduate of the University of North Georgia with her Bachelor of Business 
Administration in Finance. Katelyn was trained at Georgia Christian Dance Theater and went on 
to dance at the professional company Ballet 5:8 in Chicago. She has been a member 
of Cherish Dance since 2021. Katelyn shares her passion for dance through her teaching 
and performances with Cherish Dance.

Suzanne Zoller-Brinson, Community Outreach Coordinator

Suzanne is a performing arts educator, singer, actor, dancer, choreographer, and event planner. 
She received her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of Georgia. Suzanne 
worked professionally in theatre, film, and commercials in the Atlanta area for the better part 
of 10 years and has taken that expertise and passion into performing arts education. She is passionate 
about building curriculum that fosters and encourages confidence in children of all ages 
and being the compassionate and supportive teacher that she always wanted to have. 
Suzanne is so excited to bring her energy, passion, and background to Cherish Dance 
and help it reach new heights !

René Nesbit, Secretary

René is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, poet, painter, and producer. 
She is also the Director of Cherish Dance. She is a graduate of Fordham University in New York, 
with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in English. René is the founder of Can I Color Now Studios, 
an organization dedicated to building community and supporting healing through art. She brings 
her great love of music and creativity to Cherish and hopes to continue to see its productions grow.

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